Dentistry has nearly the highest overhead costs of any medical discipline. Payroll is the biggest cost, of course, but dental practices suffer a 16- to 20-percent no-show rate among patients and often have to overbook just to keep a full schedule. This can make for a busy front office that, if more help has to be hired, only adds to the already high cost of payroll. What if there was a simple way to automate your front office that would cut costs by improving the overall efficiency of your intake and practice management?
Actually, there are three.

Have Patients Fill Out Forms From Home The best place to have a patient fill out intake forms is from home, if only because that keeps the lobby clear and cuts wait times for everyone else. mConsent dental software lets you do this for your patients, with online intake forms available for your patients can submit before they get in the car and drive to their appointments. This also helps cut no-shows, since your patients are essentially already checked in at your office before they can get cold feet or change their minds.

Integrate Practice Management with Intake and Scheduling Procedures mConsent does more than speed up check-in — it binds your entire practice together in one seamless whole. Say you have a patient who was diagnosed with diabetes since her last appointment with you. She indicates this on her intake form, but now the information needs to get to you, your assistant, the pharmacy, the lab and several other places. Rather than making a single clerk enter redundant information in several places — a process that’s practically begging for errors to creep in — a sophisticated practice management program like mConsent simultaneously updates files across the network as soon as the patient herself clicks the submit button

Back Up Data to the Cloud Losing information is awful. Not only is it potentially a HIPAA issue, crashed servers and downtime cost a fortune and annoy patients. There’s also no guarantee you’re getting every record back when you’re back online. By securely backing up patient data to the cloud, mConsent guarantees you have a recoverable record of every file and office note, and that even if your practice network goes down, you can still update and use canonical patient records via any device that has the software on it, including your iPad.
Automation promises to be the futuristic solution to everyday problems dentists have, such as booking reliable appointments and managing downtime. By installing mConsent software on your network, your practice can enjoy the benefits of a faster, smarter and more automated front office than you’ve ever had.



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