HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, continues to alter the way medical info is stored and transmitted in hopes of delivering privacy to patients as well as an increased standard of care in the future. Some regard it as troublesome or unnecessary but one thing is clear, it is here to stay. Just as clear are the penalties for a HIPAA release form violation, ranging from a hefty fine for the practice all the way up to criminal penalties in which jail time may not be out of the question.

It is of utmost importance now more than ever to be sure your files can be saved and stored in accordance with HIPAA release form guidelines. All of this can be overwhelming and worrisome for a professional trying to help out their patients let alone have to worry about all their documents being properly stored and secured. Often many will turn to a HIPAA release form advisor only to find that it can take your focus away from the practice and can often be very expensive.

We can keep you HIPAA release form compliant with a simpler and much more economical internet based option which many find can also save them money. We convert your paper and PDF forms to a HIPAA release form compliant electronic patient record system (HIPAA release form on iPad and online) which makes your filing system as well as the intake procedure up to 80% more efficient. This process saves time, no more trying to decipher someone’s writing, money, no more printing HIPAA release form after form to be filled out and filed and replacing ink cartridges over and over, and best of all it saves trees!



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