Collecting full and thorough information about your patients is essential to providing quality care. Managing all that information can also be an enormous obligation. A patient’s privacy could be in peril with improperly managed or filed medical intake formhealth care form and authorization forms. Thus the creation of HIPAA in 1996 to be certain practices would be held to a high level of accountability with patient information, and conforming to these high levels of accountability can be a daunting and confusing procedure. Many practices are uncertain if they can maintain a high level of patient privacy while converting to an electronic intake and filing system.

We streamline all of this for you using our intake form template and convert to electronic HIPAA release form with mConsent. We do this by converting your old paper-based medical consent form into digital iPad forms software and also online HIPAA form that are easy to use. Also by you the practice telling us which fields are mandatory for the patient to fill out you are assured that you will be receiving all of the information you need from the patient. This frees you and your staff from having to process paper documents and can increase the number of patients you schedule per day.



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