How much is a new patient worth to your practice as well as you? Depending on the lifecycle of the patient within your practice each one could represent thousands of dollars. The key is to be in a position of being able to keep track of patient history form efficiently. How do you contact them, what have they been in for? Each piece of information that you can compile about them better helps you connect with them and keep them as a long time patient benefiting both you and the patient.

Typically this all starts with your new patient intake form template. Filling out a paper form on a clipboard for many practices. Patients often regard this as an important part of the process but also among the more negative experiences of visiting a practice.

Instead why not let your patients jump through some of the hoops when possible and give them a clean, neat and easy task to fill out an electronic health history form on an iPad at your clinic, requiring only things that are necessary for your office. This process is also typically faster and easier than sitting and filling out pieces of paper on a clipboard. More and more people are moving toward quick, easy and convenient as a rule as opposed to the exception. With easy to understand electronic intake forms that are customized for your practice patients will appreciate the convenience of the mConsent App

You send us your new patient forms and they are converted by us into electronic intake form template that are much less daunting to patients and easier to follow along with. This both frees your staff up for other things around the office and wows your patients with an easy health intake form that is both intuitive and easy to use.



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