It’s a proven fact that regular dental cleanings are critical to a patient’s overall health, including a reduced risk of stroke and heart attacks. Despite this knowledge, going to see the dentist still ranks low on the “to do” list for many people. While the treatment aspect is probably the biggest cause for dental wariness, one area that has improved often takes place before the patient enters the treatment area.

For many years, the only option for patients was to arrive early for their appointment because of the need to fill out lengthy paperwork. Now, patients may fill out any necessary forms from the comfort of their home or office. This new methodology is a positive for the practice as well, since they can better regulate their schedules without delays.

Another improvement has been the portability of consents and other new patient dental forms Instead of hand-writing on paper forms, patients are now able to use an iPad to fill out and sign the documents. Doing so further benefits the practice, since the digital documents are quickly uploaded directly into their practice management system.



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