Your front office operations are the first point of contact between your patients and your office. All too often, however, delays caused by paperwork problems result in grouchy patients. Take a look at some simple ways that automating your front office can help speed up patient care and leave everyone feeling happy and confident.

1. Have Patients Complete Their Paperwork at Home. You can ask them to fill the patient check in form early to fill out paperwork, but how often does that really happen? Give everyone a head start on the day by providing secure online forms that your patients can fill out from home.

Instead of printing out endless forms and taking time to stack all those clipboards neatly, your front office staff can greet patients who have already provided the information you need. Their online forms transfer smoothly to your computerized files, their time in the waiting room is lessened, and you don’t fall behind on your day. mConsent offers a very affordable solution starting $49/month to complete the new dental patient registration form online.

2. Digitalize your paper forms and eliminate scanning completely. How often do you find yourself scrambling to get a legal consent form signed or trying to find the correct consent form? How much time do you waste printing, scanning signed forms so you can have an electronic copy? Put an end to those hassles that slow down your front office workflow with digital forms that your patients can read on an iPad and sign. That signed form files itself automatically with the touch of a button, so you can focus on patient care rather than wrangling piles of paper.

mConsent team will digitalize your forms, store them securely on cloud and simplify your operations.

3. Enjoy Reliable Access to Patient Data. Paper files get lost. They get misfiled and misplaced. Sometimes, unfortunately, they even get stolen.Put an end to the problems that can arise dealing with paper files by moving your patient files into the cloud. This simple step speeds up front office operation because you can always find the file you want in seconds. Not only are your files in perfect alphabetical order every time, but you can search by various parameters. Make it easy to put your fingers in every file you need in seconds, with reliable access that keeps your front office humming.

One of the huge advantage is, you don’t have to struggle with reading the bad handwritings which usually becomes cause of wrong information to insurance claims.

Check out how mConsent can simplify your front office operations by automating paper flow and making it easy to handle files by using our iPad patient check in kiosk. Once you free up your office staff’s time and get rid of all the costs of printing and copying, your bottom line will thank you.



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