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  • Integrates with Dentrix

  • How many forms does your office provide? 56

What has improved in your office now that you’ve started using mConsent?

  • Before mConsent we would either email the paperwork to the patient or tell them they could wait until they got to the office. There were six pages to fill out by hand so even if they did it prior to coming, they had to fill it, print it and bring it in. They would fill out 6 pages by hand and the staff would scan it into the computer. One out five patients would have written errors with the DOB, telephone # , etc. Paperwork was around a 30 minute process.

What improvements to the Office have you noticed after starting mConsent?

  • Papers don’t get lost with mConsent. It saves in so many areas.

  • It’s a fraction of the cost per month of toner and paper expenses. Cost saver and time saver.

Key Benefits Achieved from using mConsent

  • We can now either direct patients to the practice website or send them a link to fill out forms digitally on their own device (cell phone, computer, etc).

  • The digital forms are transmitted back to the office’s iPad, which is uploaded to the patient’s chart. This process takes 10 minutes at the most.

  • It saves tons of time and allows us to spend time with the patient instead of patients sitting while the dentist inserts the information.

How would you rate mConsent’s Support team?

  • The support team has been the easiest team I’ve probably ever done implementing with from the first general phone call until now, even with training a new office employee on mConsent, she was able to understand everything from the dashboard to getting new patient paperwork, consent forms, along with patient pictures within 15 minutes.

What would you say to other practices considering mConsent?

  • I would say Just do it it will change their lives. It’s a fraction of the cost of buying just toner and paper. It’s a time saver and cost saver. You have consent for everything, the papers don’t get lost, so it’ll save you in that regard as well.

Lyndel Stripling

Lyndel Stripling

Lake Highlands Dental

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