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  • Purchased a one Chair practice that started in October 1st, 2018

  • Used paper forms for patient registration, consents and medical history

  • Office was not up to date on the paperwork

  • Used computer to send claims and do billing

  • Manually entered the data; caused redundant work

What were the issues you had in the past prior to starting with mConsent?

  • We didn’t have any systems

  • Every patient that came through the door filled out forms on paper

  • Everything had to be retyped into the computer and scanned for signature

  • I was recreating work and printing things out - It was a nightmare

How reluctant were you to adding mConsent to your operations?

  • It’s a scary step but you’ll never look back

  • I’ve gone paperless in 3 practices now, and never regretted it

  • You’ll wish you would’ve done it earlier - I did

Now that you’ve adopted mConsent into your practice, what benefits has it brought you?

  • Quick implementation

  • Saves a lot of time and stress

  • No data input; less manual data entry, fully integrated

  • Everything goes into its place; seamlessly integrates with Eaglesoft

  • We use it for treatment consent and treatment plans

  • Saves paper and time

mary jo

Mary Jo

Office Manager

“Every patient that came through the door, we had to have fill out forms, I had to put it into the computer, scan it in for the signature and it was a nightmare.”

“mConsent saved me a lot of time, a lot of stress. I don’t have to do data input, everything goes into its place.”

“This saves us a lot of paper, it saves a lot of time and you’re not doing things just to keep compliant, you’re able to take that time and build relationships with clients.”




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