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  • Integrates with Dentrix

  • How many forms does your office provide? 18

What was your situation prior to using mConsent?

  • Before using mConsent we used a lot of paper for many forms. We had a form for every type of consent you can think of. Wanted a way to streamline the process and go electronic.

What improvements to the Office have you noticed after starting mConsent?

  • mConsent makes life much, much easier for sure

  • We typically see 25-30 new patients/month which means we have a whole host of paperwork. Using mConsent saves a lot of paperwork

  • A lot of our patients are on the tech side and really appreciate it

Key Benefits Achieved from using mConsent

  • Patients really appreciate being able to fill it out digitally instead of manually

  • The amount of paper saved, money saved, time saved

  • It’s a huge benefit that we’re able to pull out patient information as needed. We don’t have to go back in the system to enter things manually.

How would you rate your experience with mConsent?

  • A+ experience for overall experience

What would you say to other practices considering mConsent?

  • I would recommend it

  • The amount of paper saved and time saved, it’s designed to help save money in the long run.

Amber P. Lawson

Amber P. Lawson

Signature Dentistry of Macon




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