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“At the beginning there is a learning curve which is expected with any new integration that is applied to a practice but overall, once everything is established and everyone is trained – you’re going to be good. You’re going to be set!”

“Patients are able to fill out their paperwork online and they like that because they don’t have this packet of paper to fill out.”

“For Patients that are not tech-savvy, we’ll sit down with them and review the consent forms with them or give them the paper copies. They appreciate the time that we spend with them; it’s more personal.”

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  • Acquired the office a year ago
  • Everything was very traditional with checking in patients, paper charts, and documentation.
  • Has a wide range of patient age ranges and computer knowledge

What has improved in your office now that you’ve started using mConsent?

  • We started using mConsent a little over 6 months ago – it has changed the whole flow of the office
  • Less time for our patients spent at the front desk
  • Entire operations of the office is easier
  • Patients can complete everything online before they come to the office or once they’ve arrived
  • Saves them time and saves us time; more efficient

How would you rate mConsent’s support team and customer service?

  • mConsent’s support team has been amazing – I’ll say it louder because it’s true!
  • Questions and things needed have been answered or done quickly – I have nothing but good things to say – you’re amazing!
  • A great personal relationship has been established

What would you say to other Dental practices that are considering using mConsent or going paperless?

  • The money that you pay for the service is well-worth it
  • The mConsent team hands down is great at what they do and know what they’re talking about
  • This will change your office and make things so much better and easier

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