Insurance Verifications within Seconds
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Insurance Verifications within Seconds

Speakers :

  • Edith Muchele
    (Team Lead - Customer Support)
  • Anna Soderlind
    (Customer Success Team Lead)

Hassle-Free Insurance Eligibility Verification

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Complete Insurance Verifications Minutes Before the Appointment in Real-Time
  • Automatically Verify your Patients as they make the Appointment
  • Easily Pull Up & View All Recent Insurance Verifications
  • Web Based Platform with Access from Anywhere
  • Connected with over 170 Dental Insurance Carriers

Get all the Insurance Details at Once:

  • Status of Coverage
  • All Benefits
  • Deductibles
  • Limitations
  • Maximums
  • Co-insurance
Virtual Consultations - Skyrocket Your Patient Base

  • Qualify Patients Before They Take up Chair Time
  • Convenience of Connecting with Prospects anytime, even outside of Work Hours
  • Personal Engagement via Live Video Before the Appointment
  • Prevent Prospect’s Delayed Decisions by Conveying Information Upfront
  • Affordable & Fully Secured

  • Unlimited Video Recordings & Access for Staff
  • Attention-Grabbing Widget for Prospects on Website
  • Custom iPad App for Recording Videos
  • Bundled with mConsent Digital Intake Forms
  • Compatible with IOS, Browsers & Most Devices
  • Local SEO to boost Google Search Rankings

Go Paperless

And Improve Practice Efficiency


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