Unlock the Power of
Smart Analytics to Grow
Your Practice!

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to informed decisions!

See snapshot of raw practice data from your EMR summarized into actionable insights. Get the information you need at your fingertips. Boost efficiency, improve your revenue and elevate patient experience without hiring a data expert.

Daily Insights Through The
Morning Huddle

Begin Your Day Prepared!

Gain a comprehensive overview of key metrics everyday that drive practice performance. Steer your practice towards success through making informed decisions.

Don't Let Growth
Opportunities Slip Away

Maximize appointment scheduling, optimize production,
and improve patient retention. Transform your practice
into a thriving dental powerhouse.

Track your Success in Real-Time

Keep an eye on your practice's performance through crucial metrics for:

Track your Success in Real-Time
appointment metrics

Appointment Metrics

Hygiene Appointment

Hygiene Appointment





Treatment Plan Acceptance

Treatment Plan Acceptance

Unsure about patient numbers at different times?

Worried about filling canceled slots?

Interested in increasing production and collections?

track new patient

Track New Patients for Your Practice

improve collection

Improve your collections and cash flow (Total product and collections per appointment scheduled and completed)

improve showrate

Improve Show Rates and Minimize Cancellations


Better Savings and Google reviews

(monthly data of treatments accepted including new treatments, unscheduled, accepted and completed)

Here’s How It Helps

real time updates

Real Time Updates

Get real time data updates about appointments scheduled, unscheduled treatments, completed treatments and new patients under “yesterday”, “today”, “tomorrow” and “monthly” tabs.

Daily Practice Insights

Get an overview of your practice analytics with the fully automated data updates through the morning huddle for an intelligent start of your day.

inventory summary

Effortless Integration

Seamless integration with leading dental software including Eaglesoft, Open Dental, and Dentrix for and more streamlined workflows.

Reactivate Unscheduled Treatments

Reactivate unscheduled appointments to bring more patients to your practice. Keep your chair filled and bring more revenue.

reactive tratments




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