How mConsent iPad software makes your
dental practice paperless?

Digitize Medical History

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Digitize Consent Forms

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Digitize Patient Registration Process

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Complete the Paperwork from home

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Why mConsent Cloud?

  • Allows patients to complete documentation anywhere, anytime
  • The best dental practice management system
  • No redundant data entry for existing mConsent Cloud patients
  • Enables patients to review and make changes to their information

mConsent Dental Office Software Benefits:

  • Digitize patient intake and consent forms
  • Patients can complete and sign documents electronically within the practice, home or work
  • Dental practice team members can access patient data and documents on the dashboard
  • Patient documents can be downloaded and moved into the practice management software
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mConsent Cloud
Features for Dental Practices

  • Patients easily and quickly complete and sign documentation using iPads
  • Automatically updates patient demographic changes
  • Updates the changes to medical alerts
  • New patients may be added from the iPad
  • Patients have the option of completing documents from home on their own device
  • Consent forms are completed and signed digitally
  • Fully HIPAA compliant and 100% secure
  • Affordable dental practice management system
Go Paperless Today and Modernize
Your Practice with mConsent Cloud
A dental practice management system

mConsent Cloud Advantages

Patients complete documents from anywhere, anytime

No redundant data entry for existing mConsent Cloud patients

Go Paperless

100% HIPAA compliant and secure

User friendly



Hear what our happy clients say about the mConsent experience!



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Lift Dental



Office Manager

Blatchley Family Dentistry


Johnny Hampton

Office Manager

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Online Reviews

SRS Web Solutions has helped to reduce the amount of paper being used, scanned and shredded in my office.

SRS took our patient authorization forms and neatly placed them in an iPad App which allows the patient to enter their information and sign directly on the pad. This information is then directed to their individual EHR; no paper to scan or shred. By using current technology we have cut our paper consumption by more than half which increased productivity, along with helping cut the risk of HIPAA violations. In addition to helping us keep our commitment to the reduction of paper, SRS Web Solution has created a personalized Clinic App. This app works with both iPhones and Android and is an easy way for our patient’s to inquire about appointments. Thanks to SRS Web Solutions our office has reduced paperwork, increased productivity and made the transition easy. SRS Web Solutions staff has been accommodating and supportive throughout the process.

star star star star star

Dr. Haseen Syed

My company has had the pleasure of working with SRS Web Solutions and let me just tell you that they do a phenomenal job.

They got and set up Ipads for our patient paperwork and they also designed our new website and it has made our lives so much easier! The Ipads connect straight to our software so it frees up a lot of time for our front desk so they don't need to scan everything and print off pages and pages of paper, and they also designed our webpage so its different than those other practices in our profession. If there's ever something that we want changed (like we wanted a shorter medical history and to add teeth numbers to our consent forms), Ali and his team get it fixed in record time.

star star star star star

Terissa Dee

Handling paperwork at the front office was tough, where we have to print and scan consents, patients intake, medical history and many documents.

Too much paperwork and we still called ourselves paperless office..mConsent truly helped us to be paperless, we use iPads now with the mConsent app on it and all documents goes right into the system. Thank You for helping.

star star star star star

Kendra Zapata

We use mConsent with OpenDental and it's really awesome. Highly recommended.

star star star star star

Ron Spier

We are completely satisfied with how easy the iPad software is to work with, it has helped us completely eliminate the patient paper check-in forms – we love working with team

star star star star star

Tiffany C



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