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mConsent Features

mConsent Benefit

Online Patient Forms

Streamline your intake process

Patients complete/E-sign forms and treatment plans online

Get ID, insurance card, photo, documents before the visit

mConsent Benefit

In-office iPad App

Patient forms and treatment plans on the iPad

Fast E-signatures on the spot

Patients digitally capture ID, insurance card, photo, etc

mConsent Benefit

Patient Messaging

Cancel patient cancellations with 'Quick Fill'

Auto notify 100 patients instantly via SMS

mConsent Benefit

Accounts Receivable

Rapid payment and tracking solution

Bring in patient payments instantly

mConsent Benefit

Automated Insurance Verification

End delayed insurance reimbursements

Get eligibility reports in 10 sec with 180+ payers

mConsent Benefit

Automated Appointment Reminders

Say hello to skyrocket show-up rates and doubled profits

No more phone tag or unanswered calls

mConsent Benefit

Waiting Room TV

Make waiting room time count by building your brand name right from your TV. It’s super affordable and an easy way to win patient trust from the start.

mConsent Benefit

Reputation Management

Get more 5-star Google reviews for your Dental Practice
Build Patient Trust with a Stellar Online Reputation

mConsent Benefit

Virtual Consultations & Telehealth

Qualify patients before the visit

Democratize dental care delivery to accommodate patients remotely

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Save BIG by Going Paperless with mConsent

Here’s How

Without mConsent

  • 80% front office time spent on paperwork
  • 30+ minutes waiting room time
  • Stack of paper forms for patients to fill out
  • High administrative costs
  • Print, scan, and manually enter data
  • Frustrated front office

With mConsent

  • 35% reduction in paperwork
  • 80% less waiting room time
  • Forms completed remotely before the visit
  • Save ~$60K/year in administrative expenses
  • No more printing, scanning, or manual entries
  • All digitized and integrated into your PMS

Success Stories


We're saving up to 7 hours a week spent on data entry as well as saving on the overhead costs of hiring another admin, which overall saves us $65,000 a year. It just wouldn't make sense not to use mConsent. By using mConsent we can prioritize serving our patients.

Mary Jo, Office Manager at Lift Dental


mConsent helps our clinic save 5,200 hours a year otherwise wasted on data entry, which enables us to save ~$55K in administrative expenses. Affordable and easy to use, mConsent adds value to our community.

Dr.Mustafa yazar, Dentist, Kenton Dental Care


When we joined mConsent all that headache (of scanning, printing, importing, shredding) was gone. It literally was so seamless and easily transitioned. I genuinely cannot understand how any office does not have mConsent already. We saved at least $100,000 over the course of a couple of years. I genuinely wish I did this 10 years ago.

Dr Layth Ghanim DDS, Arlington Dental Excellence


Mary Jo

Lift Dental

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Lake Highlands Dental

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