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Want the Perfect Tool to Simplify Patient Data Tracking at your Office?

Get the ultimate tracking report to stay on top of daily, weekly & monthly office patient metrics. You’ll be able to track the status of Dental Insurance Eligibility, Deductibles and so much more.

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How does Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification work?

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Dental Insurance Eligibility

Verification in Seconds

It all starts with our user-friendly, 100% stress-free dashboard. On-the-spot patient search gives eligibility information instantly. Designed to reduce 30% of front desk time, dental insurance eligibility software takes the edge off administrative burdens that hamper productivity. Our platform proactively prevents mishaps before they can occur, reducing claim delays or denials.

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Instant Access

to Patient Eligibility Logs

With real-time verification you'll be able to pull up insurance information within seconds. This drastically reduces waiting room time by an estimated 40%, and improves patient satisfaction 4X.

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On Demand

Insurance Eligibility Reports

The ability to have accurate Eligibility Reports within the blink of an eye, gives dental offices countless benefits. No more hours wasted on the phone with insurance providers. Get patients into the exam room faster with better clarity and reassurance on eligibility status.

*Eligibility Report details vary depending on the Insurance Provider

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We Integrate With Your Practice Management System

No extra work or double entry required from your end, thanks to our full integration support with Dentrix, Eaglesoft and Open Dental

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Popular Integrated Payers

Cloud-based Insurance Verification is the Ultimate Solution

Why So Popular?

No More Undue Insurance Distress for Patients or Providers

Fast & Easy Process for Dental Administrative Team

Maximize Efficiency, Productivity, and Profits




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