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How Online Patient Intake Forms Work?

Embracing digital patient forms will save your practice unnecessary headaches and allow you
convenient access to pertinent patient information prior to patients arriving at your office.


The online forms mConsent dashboard allows you to easily access all the forms you will need for your dental practice. Once on the dashboard, you will find an “online forms” button that will take you to all the available online forms that you can easily send to patients. The “send online forms” icon allows you the option to enter patient information and provides a list of forms and packets available to send to your patients.

You will have the option of sending the forms via email or text messaging allowing patients to complete the forms remotely. Another optional way to send a form is by directly clicking on the form itself. To access the forms, you can click on the blue “online forms” icon and from the drop down menu select the form you would like or select to view more options.

The “view more” button will take you to a list of available forms. You will have the option to copy the forms to your clipboard. Clicking on the “copy to clipboard” option will allow you to copy and paste the link into a new tab in your browser that will take you directly to that form.

The form links can be pasted into any email, text messages, appointment reminders, or directly on your website. The alternative method to obtain the link to a form is via the form itself. The form will open in a new window and you will be able to copy the link from your address bar.

This link can be sent to your patients. To obtain the link for packets, you can press the red “packets” icon and from the drop down menu select view packets or the name of the packet you would like to send. You will be able to copy the forms to your clipboard and send to patients on any device they choose to use (tablet, cell phone, laptop or desktop).

After they have completed the online forms, you will be able to immediately view them on the dashboard by clicking on “online forms.” You will be able to easily “view”, “approve”, or “reject” them with the click of a button. All approved forms will directly be integrated into your EMR software (Open Dental, Dentrix, or Eaglesoft). All patient information will be placed directly into their patient file for easy access.

Sample Online Patient Intake Form for the Dental Office: Click here


Obtaining previous patient medical information is essential for all health care practitioners prior to any consultation. Frequently, health care providers are faced with the dilemma of patients who forget to bring a list of their current and past medications with them to office visits. Once at your office, many patients simply don’t recall pertinent medical conditions they were previously diagnosed with.

A patient’s inability to provide imperative medical information serves as a hindrance for health care providers who require such information prior to prescribing or offering treatment methods. With mConsent’s online intake forms, patients have the convenience of completing forms remotely, where their personal information and health records are within reach. They have the added comfort of being able to fill out forms on their cell phone, ipad, tablet, laptop or desktop. Completed forms are securely signed and submitted directly to your mConsent account.

This allows you to easily access patient medication lists with dosages, any pertinent medical conditions, allergies, and more before the patient even walks into the office. The convenience of digital forms saves practitioners tremendous amounts of time and stress. mConsent makes it easy for you to create, send, and receive online patient forms, ensuring better accuracy and comprehensiveness of information.

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