Online Patient Intake Form

Online Patient Intake Form mConsent

The past health information of a patient is required for a practitioner before the consultation. The patient may not remember the past medications or dosage name. It’s very important to know about health and medical history before treating patients. Medications can change everything and sometimes patients don’t remember the name or dosage of their medications.

mConsent provides online patient intake form or online patient form. It allows new clients to complete the form with any device, anywhere. mConsent allows to easily create, send, and receive the online patient form. New clients fill out the new patient intake form on their phone, tablet or computer. The completed form is securely signed and submitted directly to your account, from any device, anywhere.

Online Patient Forms are helpful to collect the most accurate information. As the patients are filling it at the comfort of their home or privacy where there personal information and health records are very accessible. This innovative technology helps to make your staff’s jobs easier and effective and your patients can just sit back and relax and your dental office. No more worries for your patients in forgetting their past medication dosage or insurance card.

Convert to a paperless dental clinic

Avoid the usage of paper and go paperless.  Handwritten errors can usually happen with conventional methods can be replaced with the online patient intake form. Unreadable handwriting can affect the speed and smooth processing of a dental office. Avoid delays and waiting in the front office by using online forms.

mConsent has happy customers who use online patient intake forms. They have reported benefits like saving time, saving money and overall productivity. Switch to digital today.

A statistical study done with our customers showed that 80-90 % of their patients make use of mconsent online patient intake form. The more digital engagement of patients helps to reduce the extra daily task of a dental clinic. Easily automate your office with mConsent online forms.