We all know routine visits to the Dentist do much more than help you keep your teeth squeaky clean. In recent years research has indicated that people who get their teeth cleaned may have a reduced risk of both stroke and heart attack. But also all too often a visit to the dentist office doesn’t typically rank high on the majority of people’s excited to do list. While it may be difficult to fight off the public perception of what going to the dentist means, we can help out with an improved intake process for your patients.

Many practices have tried to streamline new patient dental form by putting intake PDF file forms on their website so their patients will be able to fill out the paperwork at home. The dental patient form print’s out typically 5-7 pages and fills it in by hand and then the front office is sometimes left trying to decipher the information as well as taking a time to properly file it. This leads to up to a 30% downtime for your front office staff in a never-ending a search for misplaced patient history form or even worse lost records!

Why not skip all the hassle and Get an iPad and have patients sign on the digital dental new patient forms that are custom developed for an individual dental practice, where all the (dental intake forms and patient intake form documentation is securely transferred to the practice management system (Open dental, Dentrix, Eaglesoft or any).

Also, have your patients fill out an electronic form from the comfort of their own home? Electronic intake forms will save time for both you and your patients. This, in turn, allows you to increase the number of patients you see each day. The expression “Time is money” rings true in this case.