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How has iPad technology changed medical history and consent forms within the past 2 years?

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Paperless Patient registration, Online Medical History Forms and Consent forms

mConsent’s iPad technology enables healthcare professionals become paperless via cloud-based technology & end-to-end encryption security features

  • Significantly reduces data entry errors
  • Eliminates the need for printing and scanning form
  • Easy-to-use Online Medical History Forms Affordable and cost-effective

Give Your Patients the Convenience of Completing Documents from Home

  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Reduce wait times
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant

How mConsent’s Online Medical History Form empowers Healthcare providers?

Upon arrival at any health care office, patients are required to fill out a medical history form, HIPAA release form, and patient registration documents. Medical history forms provide health care practitioners with important information regarding a patient’s previous and current health conditions, treatments and more. Having this relevant information enables practitioners to provide patients with more accurate diagnoses and treatment options.

Standard paper medical history forms are time-consuming in addition to the added inconvenience of having to decipher illegible handwriting. Online medical history forms conveniently resolve both of these common problems. Additionally, mConsent enables patients to fill out all necessary forms remotely before their visit. Patients and office staff love the convenience of mConsent's digital technology, and so will you!

How do online Medical History forms make your job easier?

  • Saves you valuable time that can be spent on better quality patientcare
  • Simplicity of use help sensure patients complete forms properly.
  • Patients enjoy the convenience of filling out forms remotely.
  • Detected data discrepancies can be easily corrected.
  • Practitioners can alterand add new questions at anytime.
  • Completed forms are securely transferred to your EMR software.
  • Patients electronically sign forms in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

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