Online Scheduling to Grow Your Practice

What if patients could book appointments during & outside of office hours, from their own device, without a single phone call? Convenience at its finest!

Did you know ~ 20% of new patient calls are missed? With Online Scheduling, no more missed opportunities!

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Why Choose Online Scheduling?

Simplify Scheduling at Your Practice

Want an easy way to attract more clients? It doesn’t get easier than customizable online scheduling. Personalize scheduling slots as you’d like, allowing patients to book appointments, along with receiving reminders and intake forms via SMS/Email.


Integration with Practice Management Software

Wouldn’t it be a load off your staff’s shoulders if they didn’t need to manually insert appointments in the scheduling book, or spend hours on insurance verifications? Online appointments allow you to get insurance info from patients, quickly verify eligibility, conveniently send digital forms to patients, and receive submitted forms in your PMS.


Patients Look for Dentists Online

Did you know that most clients first learn about your practice online? While you’ve got them on your website, why not give them an easy tool to book an appointment, via a visible website widget.


Patients Want Convenience

We give you the ability to accommodate patients who can’t call during business hours? Online scheduling is available 24 hour/day, 365 days of the year. Patients can book an appointment anytime, from any location. No need to pick up the phone!

80% of patients prefer to book an appointment online. Why not provide them the convenience?




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