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Why Do Patients Prefer Virtual Consults?

  • Convenient Way to Find out if their Dental Issues are Fixable
  • Perfect Opportunity to Evaluate the Dentist Before Committing
  • Estimated Cost & Treatment Plan Given in Advance
  • Eliminates the Need to Sacrifice Work Hours
  • Personal Engagement via Live Video Before the Appointment

Real Clients Testimonials

Before mConcent everything was definitely more labor intensive, lots of time consuming paperwork that we don't have to do now with mConcent.


Before using mConsent we had to find and pull patients' charts and input data, it takes a lot of time.

Stefanie Daley

It saves tons of time and allows us to spend time with the patient instead of patients sitting while the dentist inserts the information.

Cindy McCourt

mConsent saved me a lot of time, a lot of stress. I don’t have to do data input, everything goes into its place.

Mary Jo

Patients are able to fill out their paperwork online and they like that because they don't have this packet of paper to fill out


Before using mConsent I had to print out the router sheet everyday and get the patient's signature, very time consuming.

Adira "Dee" Bailey


Mary Jo

Lift Dental

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Cindy McCourt

Lake Highlands Dental

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mConsent has been covered by major publishing houses across the country.

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Minnesota Dental Association April 2019

Minnesota Dental Association April 2018

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