The art of patient re-engagement

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the art of patient

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The art of patient re-engagement

This new breakthrough book from Samad
is the step-by-step guide on How to Grow Your Practice by
bringing back inactive Patients

Also get a casestudy that shows how a dental practice
Consistently booked 40+ patients/month from 5 patients/month
without spending thousands of dollars




Discover the secrets to reviving relationships with inactive patients and reenergizing your practice with this indispensable guide! In "The Art of Patient Re-engagement: How to Win Back Your Inactive Patients," you'll learn effective strategies for reconnecting with patients who may have fallen off your radar, enhancing patient satisfaction, and boosting your practice's bottom line.

Inside this comprehensive book, you'll uncover:

The importance of patient re-engagement and its impact on practice growth. Key factors that contribute to patient inactivity and how to identify them. Innovative and proven techniques for reaching out to inactive patients. Tailored communication strategies for different patient groups and their unique needs. Essential tools and resources for implementing a successful patient re-engagement program. Real-life case studies that demonstrate the power of effective patient re-engagement. Measuring the success of your re-engagement efforts and refining your approach for continuous improvement.

"The Art of Patient Re-engagement" is an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals, including dentists, physicians, and practice managers, looking to rekindle relationships with inactive patients and grow their practices. Packed with practical advice and actionable insights, this book will help you unlock the potential of patient re-engagement and transform your practice today.

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Samad Syed

Samad Syed is the CEO and Founder of SRS Web Solutions, a Minneapolis, MN-based company that developed the leading dental software platform, mConsent. mConsent is All-in-One Digital Transformation Solution for Dental Offices which helps the front office go paperless, thereby improving Dental office productivity and improving Patient experience. Over 5 million patients across the USA have utilized mConsent software to go paperless, leading to improved patient experience and increased office productivity.

In addition to his work in the dental industry, Samad is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has trained over 400 business leaders on bringing productivity and profitability to their businesses using Six Sigma methodology. Samad completed his Master’s in Engineering from Wayne State University in Michigan and holds an MBA from Indiana University.

Samad Syed

Samad lives in Dallas, TX. His educational background and extensive experience in the dental industry have made him a respected and sought-after expert in the field.

Samad’s passion for improving patient experience and helping dental practices grow has led him to write “The Art of Patient Re-engagement: How to Win Back Your Inactive Patients”. His hope is that the book will help dental practices achieve higher patient retention rates, increase revenue, and provide better patient care.

Dr Ibraiz Quamer

Lifesmiles Dental

Art of Patient Re-engagement: “How to Win Back Your Inactive Patients” by Samad Syed provides priceless advice for dental practices looking to grow their patient base. The author stresses the need for a team effort and the appropriate resources in order to successfully re-engage customers as opposed to relying exclusively on front read more

Mr. Muzamil S

Office Manager
Pioneer Smiles, Irving TX

The Art of Patient Re-engagement: How to Win Back Your Inactive Patients" provides actionable strategies and guidance for bringing back inactive patients. With valuable insights and practical advice, we are eager to implement these strategies in our office and reconnect with our inactive patients. This book has equipped us with the read more

Anas Athar

Regional Director of Orthodontics Smile Brands Inc

Samad Syed heartfelt congratulations on the launch of your incredible book! Your work truly stands out, and the content is both insightful and captivating. The Art of Patient Re-engagement is a must read. This achievement is a testament to your talent and dedication. read more

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