mConsent’s Digital Paperless Forms make
filling out Pediatric Forms child’s play!

Being a parent is tough enough. So we made our Digital Pediatric
Forms to be the easiest and fastest around.

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The breakthrough in Paperless Pediatric Forms that gives
parents — and you — a big break.


Easy for parents

  • One time does it!

    The minute they check out, they get
    notified to rate the visit.

  • The process is fast and simple.

    They enter their parent information just once, then Autofill places it with every child they add. Brilliant!

  • Patient satisfaction goes up, up, up!

    That’s because it cuts their work in half. And their frustration level by 100%.

  • They’re eager to do it!

    Imagine: A pediatric form so easy, parents are actually happy to fill out.

Easy for you

  • In sync with your needs

    The Reviews are posted on Google and your own website.

  • See their review as soon as it’s done.

    The digital forms synchronize with all of your Insurance Verifications.

  • Suddenly, your office is way more efficient

    Almost overnight, go from drowning in paperwork to streamlining your office flow.

  • Take it easy!

    Easy to upload. Easy to integrate data. Easy to enter into EMR.

  • Saves you time, big time

    Completed forms go straight to the dashboard, patient by patient by patient.  


How do Pediatric Forms work?

Traditional Pediatric Office Patient Intake Process

1.Parent receives stack of paper forms

2.Parents are required to complete separate forms for each child.

3.Multiple forms must be filled out for each child.

4.Submit all the completed paperwork to the front office.

5.The front office staff will scan the forms and enter all the data into the system.

Patient Registration Form

mConsent Pediatric Office Patient Intake Process:

1.Parents receive an email or text from the practice containing a link to complete the form.

2.Our form design enables parents to complete all the forms in just a few minutes.

3.All the children's information can be added and submitted with a few simple keystrokes


mConsent Forms

Not just less paper:

Less time. Less frustration. Less work. Less errors.
And a whole lot more parent satisfaction.

So let’s get started!





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