The secret to getting way more 5-Star Google Reviews is really no secret:

It’s us.

It’s great you have happy patients
even better when they are happy to leave
Google Reviews

Here is how we make it happen

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With mConsent Reputation Management Software, you’re just
days away from greatly increasing your
5-Star Google Reviews.

How it Works

  • Easy for them.
  • Easy for you.
  • Easy to see why mConsent Reputation
    Management Software works so well.

We make it easy for them

  • Get them while they’re hot!

    The minute they check out, they get
    notified to rate the visit.

  • The process is fast and simple.

    It takes just a minute or two, so they’re
    very likely to participate.

  • Patients are your best marketers!

    Today, patient reviews are vital to a
    practice’s success.

  • It makes them like you even more!

    Writing reviews makes them feel
    closer to your practice.

We make it easy for you

  • They’re seen where it matters most.

    The Reviews are posted on Google
    and your own website.

  • See their review as soon as it’s done.

    Your easy-to-use mConsent Dashboard
    does it all.

  • It’s really affordable!

    What’s expensive is not getting the
    5-Star Reviews you deserve.

  • Negative reviews aren’t posted.

    A survey is sent showing we care about
    the patient’s view.

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Now getting a lot of 5-Star Google Reviews
is as easy as setting up demo.

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The sooner you ask for a demo, the sooner you’ll start getting
far more 5-Star Google Reviews.

And we promise, once you start using
mConsent Reputation Management Software,
you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Reputation Management Software

from mConsent, the proven digital leader in helping dental practices succeed.

FAQS About Patient Reviews

Online Reputation Management is critical for dental practices as the majority of patients search online for reviews before selecting a dentist. If you want to grow your dental practice with a solid patient base, Reputation Management is essential.

Online Reputation Management doubles or triples your 5-star Google reviews in no time. Happy patients love to share their feedback, and it works to your benefit.

The minute patients check out, they get notified to rate the visit. The reviews are posted on Google and your own website. Negative reviews aren’t posted. A survey is sent showing we care about the patient’s view. Our Reputation Management Software works in your favor to boost your practice.

Online Reputation Management is so effective for dentistry that dental offices find their 5-star reviews doubled or tripled within weeks, when using it.

The ultimate way to build your dental practice's success is to establish a solid online presence with Online Reputation Management. It’s a promising way to increase your 5-star reviews with little effort.

mConsent Features

Success Stories

Hear from Practices that Partner with mConsent for Real Results

Before using mConsent we had to find and pull patients' charts and input data, it takes a lot of time.

Stefanie Daley

Before mConcent everything was definitely more labor intensive, lots of time consuming paperwork that we don't have to do now with mConcent.





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