Top 3 Ways

to Overcome Front Desk Office Staff Frustations at Healthcare Offices

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Athena survey reveals frustations of the front office staff and how smart the office managers and owners have managed it.

What detrimental effects are we talking about?

  • Staff frustrations leading to tension with patients
  • Financial loss from plummeting patient base
  • Poor online office reviews
  • High staff turnover rate
  • Staff burnout and negative sentiment
  • Emotional strain causing health issues
  • More days of staff absences
  • Last minute searches for front desk relief coverage

Samad Syed and his team have spent years establishing personal relationships with healthcare offices to understand their most common pain points. After years of one-on-one discussions and studies conducted with healthcare practices, Samad was able to concisely put together a series of innovative solutions that successfully eliminated the most common challenges faced by staff and doctors. His ingenuity has transformed Thousands of practices, and has impacted over 4 Million patients.

Samad's ever-expanding digital success has grabbed the attention of many publishers and companies nationwide. He has been interviewed by Success Network TV and articles on his company’s signature features have been published in Forbes, Dentaltown, Inc., The Times, StarTribune, Daily Herald, Dentistry IQ, Dentalcompare, and Dental Economics.

About Samad Syed:

Samad Syed, CEO/Founder of SRS Web Solutions Inc. is the expert behind the revolutionary healthcare automation systems, mConsent and Caretap. He has successfully streamlined processes for innumerable healthcare professionals, serving over 4 million patients. He received his Masters in Engineering from Wayne State University and his MBA from Indiana University. He has successfully achieved 6 Sigma Master Black Belt certification, the highest 6 Sigma level obtainable. Samad is passionate about Innovating Solutions to Streamline Operations for HealthCare Professionals, enabling them to provide better patient care without the hassles of paperwork.

About the Guide

By and large, Medical Practices across the US have been experiencing the setbacks that come from front office exhaustion and shortage of staff. Why is it happening, and is there a practical solution? Over the past few years, studies have been done in search of these answers. This article pinpoints the top 3 reasons observed, and explains effective solutions to overcome them.

Overcoming Front Desk Burnout or Staff Shortage at Your Healthcare Office is an eye-opener for all Medical Practices looking for real answers.

What is mConsent?

mConsent is the ultimate digital intake solution to build a perfect patient intake process, and make your office paperless. We streamline your front desk operations, integrate with major PMS (Open Dental, Dentrix, Eaglesoft), and create a stress-free office environment!

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Success Stories


Before mConsent everything was definitely more labor intensive, lots of time consuming paperwork that we don't have to do now with mConsent.



Before using mConsent we had to find and pull patients' charts and input data, it takes a lot of time.

Stefanie Daley


Before using mConsent I had to print out the router sheet everyday and get the patient's signature, very time consuming.


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