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with Digital Forms

You took the first step and downloaded our 2023 HIPAA forms - Great! Now it's time to go fully digital and eliminate your paperwork headache for good.

With mConsent's
Automated Intake Platform:

  • Send customized forms to patients before visits
  • Receive completed documents online
  • Digitize signatures and consents
  • Slice paperwork time by 35% on average
  • Free up staff for better patient care
  • Reduce compliance risks and audits
  • Recover $60,000+ in annual time savings

5000+ Practices Served

mConsent empowers your practice with automated, end-to-end digital documentation workflows. Say goodbye to printing, scanning, shredding, and storage.

Compliance Risk Alert:

Outdated processes expose you to consent issues, HIPAA violations, lawsuits, and fines. mConsent minimizes your legal liability through digital audit trails, encrypted data, and time-stamping.

See How Much Time We Saved

Before mConsent:

  • 4 hrs per day spent on intake paperwork
  • 10 hrs per week scanning and filing forms

After mConsent:

  • Intake time reduced by 2.5 hrs daily
  • No more scanning or filing needed
  • 136 staff hours per week reallocated
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Dr. Amanda Simmons

Riverdale Dental

"mConsent transformed our outdated paperwork processes.
We can focus on our patients, not filing."

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Success Stories

"When we joined mConsent all that headache (of scanning, printing, importing, shredding) was gone. It literally was so seamless and easily transitioned. I genuinely cannot understand how any office does not have mConsent already. We saved at least $100,000 over the course of a couple of years. I genuinely wish I did this 10 years ago."

- Dr Layth Ghanim DDS | Arlington Dental Excellence

"We're saving up to 7 hours a week spent on data entry as well as saving on the overhead costs of hiring another admin, which overall saves us $65,000 a year. It just wouldn't make sense not to use mConsent. By using mConsent we can prioritize serving our patients."

- Mary Jo | Lift Dental

"Patients are able to fill out their paperwork online and they like that because they don't have this packet of paper to fill out"

- Maria | Blatchley Family Dentistry

"It saves tons of time and allows us to spend time with the patient instead of patients sitting while the dentist inserts the information."

- Cindy McCourt | Lake Highlands Dental

"Before mConsent everything was definitely more labor intensive, lots of time consuming paperwork that we don’t have to do now with mConsent."

- Grace | The Extra Smile

"Before using mConsent we had to find and pull patients' charts and input data, it takes a lot of time."

- Stefanie Daley | Boonsboro Family Dentistry & Orthodontics

"The great thing about it is everything is online and on the iPad and it makes it really easy for us that it goes into Eaglesoft."

- Summer | Supertooth Dentistry

"Before using mConsent I had to print out the router sheet everyday and get the patient's signature, very time consuming."

- Adira "Dee" Bailey | Allatoona Family Dental

"I strongly recommend mConsent because of accuracy and convenience and digital access."

- Koroush Bassiri, D.D.S | Bright Dental Care

"Simplifies trying to juggle 30 patients on the schedule who all need to have paperwork updated."

- Joan Gray | Sonja D Gill DDS

"No one knew coronavirus was going to hit us and stay for this long, so I think having (mConsent) forms that you can customize and send to a patient, and have them fill it out in the comfort of their own home and have it sent to me, and streamline their visit, it’s so much more efficient and less contact. It also cuts down on paper. We’re saving the universe"

- Dr. Francine Estrada | Gramercy Dental NYC & Dental Artist LLC

"So much time is saved! The doctors can bring (the forms) up on the monitor. Even better, we have the doctors sign off on the medical billing histories."

- Ryan | Aspen Ridge Dental

" Efficiency at it's finest. Easy, convenient, user friendly, patient approved... I mean the list goes on. It has drastically changed how our office functions. They have a great support team as well. "

- Dr. Ryan Blatchley

"mConsent helps our clinic save ~ 5,200 hours a year otherwise wasted on data entry, which enables us to save a ~$55K in administrative expenses. Affordable and easy to use, mConsent adds value to our community."

- Dr.Mustafa yazar | Dentist, Kenton Dental Care





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